Possible to install Kodi dev binary build to test?

I asked by Team Kodi to test a specific build. How can I install it in OSMC?
I can download the binary here: https://jenkins.kodi.tv/job/BuildMulti-PR/10769/

You can’t expect any of those to work on Vero. You would have to find out when that build was made (ie from which git commit) and find the corresponding build in @gmc’s repository from the history here [TESTING] Kodi 18 (Leia) builds for Vero 2 & 4K

It’s a build from a PR that hasn’t been merged yet, so it won’t be in @gmc’s repo.

You would have to build it yourself, then, in order to get the OSMC patches in.

If you send me the PR I can build you a test package.

Thanks for the offer. I was too late to see your reply, but I’ll keep it in mind for next time.
Meanwhile the PR was merged and I was able to test the fix through your public dev build :+1: