Problems with sound and pic after set up

ok will do

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at a first glance everything looks ok … except Adjust display refresh rate: Off which should be start/stop. But this should not be related to your audio issue.

You have GUI sound activated that means you should hear “clicks” on your AVR if you navigate in the GUI menus. These are sent as 2 channel PCM and that should be understood in any case.
If you do not hear any sound via toslink if you navigate in the menus using the remote control buttons up/down/left/right, something fundamental must be wrong like a broken optical cable or a wrong optical input assignement within the AVR.

Just to be sure take your OSMC remote control and press the volume up button: You should see a notice of 100% which is the right value to use.

The distortion to the TV audio would be expected as your TV is only reporting support for two channel PCM and with these settings we are sending only AC3 and DTS. My suspicions is that either your AVR got set to something other than the optical input that you have your Vero plugged into, or else there is an issue with the optical cable. I think I would start (after double checking the AVR input setting) by pulling the optical cable from the back of the AVR while you playing something on the Vero and make sure it is glowing red (this is not laser light, just a normal red LED on the other end so no danger of harm). You might also gently wiggle the cable a bit just to make sure it doesn’t cut out. If it seems to stay lit then you can clean the connections with a Q-tip and some alcohol. That type of cable is normally very easy to break, either by physically snapping the clear plastic wire inside or by getting scratches or oils on the ends.

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thanks. yes i can hear the clicks.

thanks will give this a try and i have another optical cable i can try as well. one other thing i did have the audio jack connected to another room a day or two ago just for music, would my connecting and disconnecting that effect the other out puts?

No, but optical cables are often very easy to break so it may have gotten damaged in the process. I’ve personally broken quite a few over the years. Toslink only uses plastic to carry the light so they are even more fragile than the ones used for data which use glass.

THANKS, the cable, i would not believe it as the exterior looked fine but I had a spare put that in and perfect, sorry to have bothered you all.
stay safe

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