Hi guys. Since i broke my AUX in jack socket in my amplifier, i needed to go wireless to get audio from Pi. I’ve done Pulse Audio settings found on THIS tutorial.

Everything worked fine for me, until i needed to switch bluetooth speakers - i have 3 bluetooth devices- large speaker set , small portable speaker and headphones.

To do so, every time i need to stop PulseAudio service and then reconnect my device with bluetoothctl. But somehow on large speaker set i need also change output in OSMC- from “pulseaudio sound server to playback / recording trough the pulseaudio sound server”
Any idea WHY my Pi don’t connect automatically?

2nd thing is that i will like to have executive script to connect / disconnect specified bluetooth devices by bluetoothctl and run them by Kore remote. is there any addon that can let me run custom scripts by Kore-without seeing my TV?

I hope i didn’t confuse you guys with my problem / idea thing…


For Bluetooth speakers I think this would have been more appropriate.

For running a script check the bottom of this thread
Trying to add off button with script at startup, not working - #6 by rern