RasPi Display + Analog Audio Problems

Hello all,

I got a Raspberry Pi display module with the intention of using it for a mobile media center. I loaded OSMC and am finding that the analog audio output skips on every video stream. The video playback is seamless. I did some troubleshooting and the following combinations seem to work fine:

-HDMI video and audio
-HDMI video and analog audio
-above tested with AC power and battery power

So it seems that the problem lies in the combination of DSI video and analog audio. Has anyone else had a problem like this? Is this exclusive to OSMC?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Try enabling omxplayer in video/acceleration settings.

nice! that worked. Thanks!

I am having identical problems to those noted above. I have omxplayer enabled in the video/acceleration settings and this doesn’t fix the problem. Are there any other critical settings revisions you can recommend?


I’ve had a look. Leaving omxplayer disabled and also disabling “sync playback to display” also solves the issue for me.

This solved the issue for me as well. Thanks!

I’ve been investigating this a bit more closely.
The Pi LCD display reports 60Hz framerate but only delivers ~52Hz.
That upsets some of Kodi’s code that tries to sync audio/video.

I’ve been poking around with clocks and timings and it looks like we can get a proper 60Hz out of the display which also avoids the problems (whether omxplayer or “sync playback” are enabled/disabled).

So, disable “sync playback to display” for now, but next update should have a better fix.

If you want to test the firmware fix early, download:

and replace the files on the boot partition of sdcard.