Reboot after selecting file

One file causes the vero to hang, show the sad smiley and then reboot.

Http:// for logs

Try removing banned addons and repos.

It is not a debug log you have uploaded, try enable debug logging. and if it still fails after removing banned addons and repos, then upload debug log and media info for the file you having trouble with.

What is the list of banned add-ons and repos? Couple of apps I’m using are legal, but are hosted on what I believe you call banned repos.

99% of my files play fine, so I was trying to be helpful to squash a bug. I could also have ignored it.


As thansen_dk says debugging logs showing the issue would really help.

Also just for testing, to help investigating further; is the issue reproducible if you disable “amcodec” acceleration?

Thanks Tom.

The list of banned addons/repositories can be found here

I am also trying to be helpfull :slight_smile: but the fact is that a lot of these banned addons causes a lot of trouble and to rule out what causes the trouble we have to eliminate the most obvious causes.

Read here How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

A debug log will help. If you can reliably reproduce the problem and produce a small clip that causes problems, this would be great.