Recording errors after April update (due to kernel?)

Today I installed the April update over SSH (it’s a remote setup), to fix this kernel crash issue: OOPS in latest kernel · Issue #2446 · raspberrypi/linux · GitHub I’m running OSMC on a RPi 2

I don’t seem to be getting these crashes anymore, but I did notice that since the update I’ve been getting a lot of errors when recording in TVHeadend. See the log: edit

So in the March update of OSMC, with kernel 4.14.26-2, I get 0 errors for every recording for every channel. This makes sense, because the signal is 100%.

In any case, I just reverted back from kernel 4.14-34-1 to 4.14.26-2, using “dpkg re-configure rbp2-image-4.14.26-2-osmc”, and everything is working splendidly again. Of course, now I’m stuck again with this kernel issue.

Ideally I’d like to downgrade to the february kernel, but I don’t have it on my system, so I’m not sure how to do that.

Here’s a log file from after I reverted back to 4.14.26-2: edit

It’d be much appreciated if one of the OSMC developers can look into this.

I’ve build and installed the 4.14.15-5 kernel from the february update (which came out the 5th of March ironically), using this post: Compile Kernel on RPI2 from RBP2-sources-osmc - #2 by DBMandrake (after cloning the git, use ‘git checkout commithash’, the commithash is found at the release page on Github)

And now I don’t have the kernel panics anymore, nor do my recordings get errors. I guess I won’t be updating my OSMC anymore.

Unfortunately you didn’t provide any logs so it was near impossible for us to investigate this.


Unfortunately you didn’t respond to this topic when I initially posted, because I did post logs, and you also didn’t read my post because it clearly says ‘edit’ on the spots where the links to the logs were.

The OSMC logs reveal way too much personal information, there is no filter whatsoever, so I’d rather solve stuff my self than be exposed on this forum…

There are clear instructions on Wiki page regarding sanitizing logs, so you don’t have to reveal any of your personal informations.

hi, i had just success reinstall TVheadend yesterday and for me the recording is ok for last OSMC, i’m using OSMC 2018.04-1 checksum 95e05e1bdf4e146e835295f117786fe8. But i have a problem of sizzle for the LIVE TV and my OSMC finish by cutoff the sound and crash or just stop the live TV. (I will open an other topics)