Remotes in OSMC Settings does not open after manual update RC1->RC2

I recently updated OSMC manually from RC1 to RC2, and rebooted after the update completed. The Remotes section of the settings app will not open anymore. I checked for updates again to see if the install failed or something, but it said no new updates were available. I checked in System Info and confirmed it is running Kodi 14.2 build April 9.

Anyone else have this problem?

Could you please enable Debugging and upload a log?

exactly the same issue here. Although, to be fair, I dont know if it worked in RC1, as I never used a remote before (wireless keyboard)

Sorry for the delay, thank you for your rapid response and interest!

I know that I had actually opened the Remotes app in RC1 and it worked.

*edit: updated logs with debugger enabled

anybody else having this issue, or just me and sanchox?

Yes others are also it is discussed in this thread

got it, thanks