Request for OSMC website background to be added as option

The OSMC website has a very nice geometric blue background that I would like to have as the background of my RPI3 install. Is there any plans on including this as an option?

We are actually getting rid of that background (and moving towards the new look).

I believe we may add the ability to set custom backgrounds for the skin in future however.

Take a look over here:

Thanks @ashtonaut!!! Is there documentation about setting up a custom image file for the OSMC skin? Also, Is there documentation on how to remove the “pictures” and “music” menu items from the skin as well?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry I’ve never used the OSMC skin so I can’t help with custom backgrounds.

You can remove the default main menu items in the Confluence skin within the skin settings. Again, for the OSMC skin I’m not sure sorry.

Background images in OSMC skin are stored in /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin/osmc/extras/backgrounds.

And regarding removing menu items, it’s in Settings -> Interface -> Skin configuration -> Customise skin menu.