Resuming video after a long pause causes audio and video to skip/jump forwards continuously and uncontrollably (various HW decoded h.264 on Pi 3, Kodi 20.2)

Here’s the full sentence, Sam:

There a lot of Pi users and at the time of writing your issue was the only report.

The onus is on you to provide logs so we can investigate a problem, until then, it is not a confirmed problem. I don’t have time nor want to speculate about problems. We have comprehensive tooling to gather logs for a reason. Use it.

If a topic marked solved by the creator it usually means the topic owner has solved the problem or the issue is resolved.

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You either got a response from me or you didn’t? A lack of response isn’t denying a bug. I didn’t say that there isn’t a problem. In fact I didn’t say anything at all, but the fact is that if there is a problem, it’s not a problem I can fix without more information.

A lack of response doesn’t mean an unwillingness to fix.

The fact is you did get responses from @darwindesign and I saw that the matter was in hand. But you also know having been a member of this forum for many years what is required to investigate a problem.

I am still astonished by the absence of logs. In the time taken to discuss this you could have uploaded a set of logs so the problem could be investigated.


I just re-read through all of this and honestly I can’t see where your finding an issue with our interaction. Unless there are multiple reports of a problem or something we can reproduce ourselves it is going to be assumed the issue lies within something specific to the users setup until there is additional information to think otherwise. If we are assuming a user specific problem, and there is reason to believe a clean install would be the appropriate path towards resolving the issue in the least burdensome manor we would be remiss to not suggest it. Once you had determined that the condition only happened when you enabled a setting that was not a recommended setting to enable in the first place there wasn’t really anything else to discuss. There may be an issue in that a setting that is currently intended to not actually do anything still does, but as I had mentioned it is currently planned for that setting to get reworked and testing would naturally come at that juncture.

But there isn’t “two of us” if the problem the OP found (enabling sync playback to display) isn’t the cause of your issue. There are many reasons why someone could have playback issues and the appropriate way to get assistance would be to start your own thread providing as much relevant details as possible along with logs.

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Sorry for triggering the above interaction: I was just trying to gently prod somebody who may be facing the same problem as me to actually produce logs.

I’m still working on getting my own set of logs. It took an hour or two to reproduce once, and then a plugin’s verbose logging made the logs useless, so I’m trying again. My intention was/is to compare my logs to his, try and confirm whether they are obviously the same source or not, and then create a proper support thread, as you say.

Don’t worry too much about that. If you can provide anything at all it will be a start


I was not referring to any of your replies today, but the conversation up until today. Sorry if I was being unclear about that; I was talking about marking the issue as solved, something I had done long before you wrote here, so I assumed it was implied by context that I was talking about earlier posts, except that it probably wasn’t clear since I’d begun a new paragraph.

And I wouldn’t presume to demand any of this from you, or expect any particular member to even join the discussion. I’m not telling anyone to speculate or confirm the problem (by “acknowledge” I simply mean entertaining the possibility that it’s not simply a fluke due to system updates), just pointing out that ever since I did actually reproduce it on a clean system – just as suggested – interaction ceased, which leads me to: I don’t want to mess about with logs if no one seems interested (or in this case: interest died down).

No, it doesn’t, and I don’t suggest that general idea. I suggest that when communication in a conversation stops after I followed the aforementioned suggestions – in order to remove the expressed doubt about the existence of the defect – it did not exactly convince me of the opposite. Result: disappointed, but I marked it as Solved and moved on.

Once again, I have never demanded, or expected, that you investigate this problem without logs. I’ve expected nothing other than a simple mention like “perhaps this actually wasn’t caused by you upgrading your system” – something which was suggested multiple times, and a suggestion I did not ignore by any means.

You’re astonished. You think I should be so invested in OSMC that I find it appealing to – months later – recreate my hardware setup, reproduce this defect (which implies waiting a long time) and then sanitize logs, but I don’t. I find it a lot of work. Replying in a forum is an order of magnitude less effort. I don’t use that system, that TV or those video files anymore.

I’m not as invested as you, or any of you, in OSMC; I don’t focus on it, and I don’t have everything OSMC accessible to me at a whim. Whether you think I should doesn’t change that I really don’t. I’m not trying to deceive you. You’re free to use this feedback or not.

I did not mean to imply that our actual interaction was unpleasant. I found you reasonable and pragmatic, and I followed your suggestions after you expressed disbelief that the issue described was the result of a setting, as opposed to a consequence of upgrading. However, after demonstrating that – contrary to what you suggested – it was a consequence of the setting, I heard no more from you.

Conclusion: you were interested in helping me find a workaround (which I appreciate), but not investigating more than that. Fine. I thought I’d moved the issue forward by dispelling this doubt according to your suggestion (with some effort including new SD-card and new install), so yes I was disappointed when there was no reply (judging there to be little interest) but I did not press the matter after that.

How would I know that it was “not recommended” – not to mention cautioned against – except after reaching out and being told what it “should” be set to, and how’s that not still a footgun, i.e. a problem? I certainly shot myself.

How would I know “there wasn’t anything else to discuss”? I was literally told: “Your issue is not with that setting”, but after confirming that there indeed was an issue with that setting, I should still have concluded that there was “nothing more to discuss”? Okay…that was not my impression. Once again, I was disappointed, but I marked it as Solved and moved on.

Mentioning that the setting was “put on his todo list to allow it to work if hardware acceleration was disabled” doesn’t really give me the impression that it has much bearing on my case when my issue was already isolated to enabled HW decoding. To me it wasn’t (and isn’t) exactly obvious that, due to this, and due to your internal organizational routines, further discussion would naturally contribute nothing.

That’s the issue with the aftermath of our interaction (i.e. radio silence), but not with our actual interaction. Once again, I found the latter helpful in order to narrow down the problem.

Not really predictable, so nothing to apologize for.

It’s a forum; if it’s on topic you’re free to join in at any time. You’re welcome to submit logs here as far as I’m concerned.

After having explained my side of things perhaps someone will now remark that I write too much or that I should instead have done this or that with my time: feel free. If you want to continue the discussion, feel free.

Still no log. Not sure what to suggest at this point.

I didn’t express any doubt. I didn’t express anything at all
Typically I will read 200 emails a day. Plus forum posts. I always make sure to read every single post. In the case of your post:

  • I saw @darwindesign had it under control
  • I marked it as ‘Tracking’ so that I am informed of replies
  • I follow the replies and usually intervene when I’ve received logs if there is not already a resolution

I read every post to the point where internal team members will sometimes make a joke about how I’m an echo when I’ll repeat what another team member has already said. Their advice carries no less weight than mine, and they’re usually more up to date on a lot of quirks (like Plex add-ons etc), so I’m taking a more hands off approach with regards to responses but still reading every single post to ensure we cover everything.

I always make sure that a post on this forum receives a response.

Then there’s day to day work; business and then hopefully, free time. Today was my birthday and weekend but that does not matter. Work is important and I want my users happy. Please don’t take that for granted.

I did not mean to imply that our actual interaction was unpleasant. I found you reasonable and pragmatic,

Good because in the past, you’ve said this about @darwindesign:

I am only interested in solving technical issues.
You know what I need for that, and I still don’t have what’s needed for that unfortunately.

Once again, if you are interested in getting this solved, please provide some logs so we can do so.

Thank you for your understanding


You don’t have to suggest anything. First paragraph in the entire thread makes it clear that I know logs exist. No need to worry.

I’m not talking about you. Still not talking about your posts. Still talking about posts before you showed up. I’m also not sure what to say about this at this point.

I’ve already explained my log situation several times and you still expect a log with every single reply I write here. Once more, not sure how many times I can explain that a log is not something I throw together in a few minutes. You don’t seem to accept that. Fine, I’ll not explain it again.

I happened to be busy celebrating my birthday today, since you mention it. What of it? Somehow it turns out I also have free time and plans, but of course I should have dropped that, dug up OSMC and produced logs just to avoid getting your disapproval for simply replying to people here… The main difference seems to be that I’m not paid at any point :man_shrugging:

I made pizza by the way.

At this point I sincerely don’t know if you imply that what I said in the quote was positive or negative… Your phrasing suggests negative, for some reason(?) I don’t know. I thought I was giving a compliment.

I’ll make sure to mention you if a log becomes available.

Happy birthday!

Great. Looking forward to the logs

I am a developer, not a therapist.


Here’s a log:

Not sure what you’re trying to say with that, and I’ve never demanded anything from you in this thread, but I’m certainly inclined to believe you. Nevertheless your messages still affect me. Me myself I’m human, and a developer if that matters, and not a punching bag.

Happy birthday Sam. I wish you fewer emails in the future.

This is why logs are important – I could’ve told you the issue a long time ago…

In the case of the file you are playing (Red Dwarf Season 01 Episode 02 - Future Echoes.avi). It looks like quite an old rip. Without the MediaInfo output I can’t confirm for sure but old AVI files used to have invalid / problematic PTS; particularly XVid rips.

This usually causes problems with hardware decoders. FFmpeg (software decoding) has more tolerance, and as the files are low resolution and low bitrate, disabling hardware decoding for these files might be the best option…

Thanks for the info. Yes, disabling either HW decode or Sync playback to display seemed to get rid of it.

There’s media info of a sister file in an expandable section here. Not sure if that confirms it.