Root access with SMB

Yes, and now it’s a much more appropriate example (and won’t result in people bricking their systems) :slight_smile:

Thank you for editing it.

well as Simon said RPI doesnt use SDA it uses /dev/mmcblk0p1 thats why i was ok with using it as an example.

and i doubt anyone will be bricking a raspberry due to that example.

We do not know if the OP had another disc attached, and someone may read this post down the line and try to apply it to another device, such as AppleTV.

It’s always good to make sure the user verifies their device node in dmesg matches the one they are going to work on.

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relax guys.

im really thankfull for all your support :slight_smile:
i will try it with an active hub.

but i have an other off topic question.

every time i reboot my pi. i want to start the jdownloader. to do that, i connect via ssh an type:

cd jdownloader java -jar JDownloader.jar -norestart

is it possible to do that on startup automatically ?

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Put it into a script and run that with Cron @reboot

could you tell me what to do exactly ?

  1. Install cron from app store
  2. Read up how to add cron jobs
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wow this looks crazy.

isnt there something easier ?

nope and its easy add this line
sudo crontab -e

@reboot /usr/bin/java -jar /path/to/your/JDownloader.jar -norestart

although absolute paths is best

and what about the folder ? the jar file is in the jdownloader folder

well it all depends on where you installed it and im not sure that you can use jdownloader without x11 might be better off using pyload (again not sure if jdownloader can run in terminal with a webui, its possible that it can)


seems that it can never tried it :slight_smile:

i allready use it.
it works perfect.

i just have to type every time the pi boots

cd jdownloader
java -jar JDownloader.jar -norestart

and thats it.

is just want to start it automatic.

ok but you need to use absolute paths

so where is JDownloader.jar located on the system ?

sudo find / | grep JDownloader.jar

type that command to find it

then its

@reboot /usr/bin/java -jar "/the/path/to/JDownloader.jar

so replace my example path for the real path :slight_smile:

that works perfect. thank you so much.

ist just added & to end of the command

@reboot /usr/bin/java -jar "/the/path/to/JDownloader.jar &

i read that this doesnt stop osmc from booting, do you agree with me ?

no this has no effect on OSMC nor kodi from booting.

hope you changed the path to JDownloader.jar however

yeah i did :slight_smile: your example is great, and i think every user will know it :wink:

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i had to delete jdownloader. but i reinstalled it, and with the command

cd jdownloader java -jar JDownloader.jar -norestart

it is working fine.

but now my crontab isnt working anymore.
i checked the path of the jdownloader and it is correct.

i allready deleted the crontab with

sudo crontab -r

and made with

sudo crontab -e

and inside:

@reboot /usr/bin/java -jar "/home/osmc/jdownloader/JDownloader.jar

a new one.
and restarted. but it doesnt work.

i dont know why, any ideas?