RPI 400 Bluetooth not searching

now im having a similar issue on my onw RPI400 and well… the bluetooth works on the raspbian OS but not in the OSMC. now im a COMPLETE noob at it as i only recently got my hands on a RPI soo… i would probably need guidance to get what information you would need to help fix it :wink:

First step is you would need to connect to the Pi via command line (see below the info, SSH would be easiest)

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

Then run:

  1. dmesg | paste-log and share the URL here
  2. sudo ln -s /lib/firmware /etc/firmware
  3. dmesg | paste-log and share the URL here

After you do the second step bluetooth keyboard should be able to be paired via MyOSMC based on @markusb68 input.

well first log https://paste.osmc.tv/metamaxeyo
and the second https://paste.osmc.tv/pamezepufe

Assume you were able to now pair the keyboard?

well it was not a keyboard i wanted to pair (as the rpi400 is already built into one) but yea. after the sudo command i can now search for and (hopefully) pair devices so i thanks for the assist :wink:

Ok, with that 2 logs @sam_nazarko should now have enough info for a fix in the next release

hopefully. i can setup a fresh SD card for the RPI400 if he need a log from a fresh install :wink: the joy of having a few SD cards your not using :smiley:

I should be able to fix the issue with this information now, many thanks.

I’m using “2022.03-1” version on rpi400 and the same problem still occur.

sudo ln -s /lib/firmware /etc/firmware

could solve the problem but it needs bluetoothctl to pair.

This is still on the list to fix. I’ll need to dig up my Pi 400.