RPi isn't working with Rapid IPTV streams

It’s also worth trying a Krypton test build and seeing if this helps

At the moment I am in a position, where both side saying it’s nothing to do with their system. I do have an account, and I said I am happy to create any kind of logs what may needed to find where is the problem. I would be happy if it turns out that its not OSMC which got problem. Then i would have something in my hand proving that it’s their service. But at the moment all i can say that yes i see a circle for a short periode of time, then nothing.
Well at this point it could be anything.
And I do admit it seems that if it works with other streams but not with this one it could really mean that its their fault. However it may possible that there is a problem, and would be visible from the logs, if someone would check it, or tell it to me how to do it.
I am not asking help because its easier to pass over a problem. I am asking help because I got to a point where i can’t do more without external help.

Try a Krypton build. There is better handling of streams that redirect in this version

Before I have reported this issue, i did a long long search checking from linux side, checking from service provider side, checking other entries which may help. Go and link from this site any post which is related with IPTV, with this IPTV provider, where you can find any attached logs, or proper steps how to reproduce the problem.

I did not say you should debug it, i was asking what additional logs can i provide, how to do it, and how to help to solve this issue. This isn’t the same thing. I was and I am really open for any help just want to know what is the actual problem. I am not expecting any of you to run, and buy a license. But I am sure if the problem escalates deeply enough i may be able to ask them to provide a test subscription to test with it.
I do not want you or anyone to help with any pirate subscription, or service to grow or work.
Just tell me honestly your are 100% sure this isn’t the problem of OSMC, this isn’t some kind of strange software bug. Then I am happy and find another way, or give up.

If i would worry about cash they are already offered in the first place to pay back my full subscription. And to be honest I do not care about it. I just care that their service works on Synology with DVBLink Sever, and using DVBLink on OSMC. But if I use IPTV Simple Client, it just doesn’t work. So again the same stream with IPTV Simple Client isnt’ working , with DVBLink it works. I checked my traffic, in both PVR my Rpi is going out to get the stream, so DVBLin server isn’t converting the stream (i ticked off that function). Also the same stream works on Android with Kodi 17 with same IPTV Simple Client PVR. So i pretty much been able to point out that Rpi with Kodi could be the issue. But as I can’t see the code, can’t do logs in a depth which may be needed. So without these it could be anything.

I have found this link https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/testing-kodi-17-krypton-builds-for-raspberry-pi-continued/14628 is this the right one to follow for that?

Also should i jump on the beta, or should i wait to see is there anything will happen?

Here we go, Sam now has suggested twice that you try Krypton on OSMC as it has better stream handling.

I can take a look at the stream if you want and see if there is an issue.

Thanks, I will give a go with Kodi 17 , after all it’s qite pointless to test the old version if the new is coming and solves my problem.

I let you know about the result.

My first problem just appeared. : to install Kryton i have to modify “/etc/apt/sources.list” but this isn’t writable by osmc user. only root has write permission. but “sudo passwd root” asking me to change root password , and not elevates my connection to the root level.

So how to add “deb http://download.osmc.tv/dev/gmc ./” line to sources.list ?

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Suggest to take a look at the FAQ

@fzinken got a better suggestion

sudo echo "deb http://download.osmc.tv/dev/gmc ./" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gmc.list

better for a newbie then he only need to delete that file to remove the repo

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BTW I suggest not to use the GMC nightlies but the Beta version I have linked earlier

@emarosvari i can agree on that the nightly has a tendancy to break and if you have no skills with debugging and getting to the root cause then you are only gonna get frusterated.

sudo echo will not work if you direct the output. Consider piping to sudo tee -a

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true its better, kinda rushed atm b-day so @emarosvari do what Sam says.

Happy Birthday @Toast !

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I have installed the new version Beta6. The problem is the same. WIth IPTV Simple Client you can’t play the stream. With DVBLink connectin to DVBLink Server where the list is hosted you can play.

I got the feeling that if there is any problem then it will be in IPTV Simple Client as once you try to play a stream (and nothing happens) the last core of the CPU goes nearly to 100% and keeps there for 2-3 minutes.

Okay, thanks for testing that. I am surprised it doesn’t work with Krypton.

Is this only one / a few streams that are problematic are all of them giving you problems?

  <memorysize>0</memorysize>  <!-- number of bytes used for buffering streams in memory 
   When set to 0 the cache will be written to disk instead of RAM -->
  <buffermode>0</buffermode>  <!-- Choose what to buffer:
    0) Buffer all internet filesystems (like "2" but additionally also ftp, webdav, etc.) (default)
    1) Buffer all filesystems (including local)
    2) Only buffer true internet filesystems (streams) (http, etc.)
    3) No buffer -->
  <readfactor>4.0</readfactor> <!-- this factor determines the max readrate in terms of readbufferfactor * avg bitrate of a video file. This can help on bad connections to keep the cache filled. It will also greatly speed up buffering. Default value 4.0. -->
  <timecorrection>0</timecorrection>  <!-- Correct all times (epg tags, timer tags, recording tags) by this amount of minutes. -->
  <infotoggleinterval>3000</infotoggleinterval>  <!-- If there is more than one pvr gui info item available (e.g. multiple recordings active at the same time), use this toggle delay in milliseconds. -->
  <minvideocachelevel>5</minvideocachelevel> <!-- Cache up to this level in the video buffer buffer before resuming playback if the buffers run dry. -->
  <minaudiocachelevel>10</minaudiocachelevel> <!-- Cache up to this level in the audio buffer before resuming playback if the buffers run dry. -->
  <cacheindvdplayer>true</cacheindvdplayer> <!-- Cache PVR stream in DVDPlayer. -->
  <channeliconsautoscan>true</channeliconsautoscan> <!-- Automatically scan user defined folder for channel icons when loading internal channel groups. -->
  <autoscaniconsuserset>false</autoscaniconsuserset> <!-- Mark channel icons populated by auto scan as "user set". -->
  <numericchannelswitchtimeout>1000</numericchannelswitchtimeout> <!-- Time in ms before the numeric dialog auto closes when confirmchannelswitch is disabled. -->
  <lingertime>60</lingertime> <!-- Limits how far "back" the PVR guide goes from the current time. Time given in minutes. -->


might be worth to mess around with see if there is improvments, btw are these options available to set in myosmc ? @sam_nazarko

This is an issue only with this provider. None of the streams are playable whit IPTV Simple client.
If i give a different source for IPTV simple client then it works well.

When I use my DBVLink with rpi, then the same Rapid IPTV source works perfectly. I have checked my network traffic, and my Rpi is streaming video. It’s not like my NAS box reencoding and then Rpi plays it. So in both case the source is the same. But what isn’t work with IPTV Simple Client works with DVBLink. And the odd is that there is no error on the screen.