September Update - Green Screens

Thanks, updated to the latest staging on both my Veros

... Setting up vero364-kernel-osmc:arm64 (3.9.250)

Will report back if I encounter any more green screens playing HEVC content. Thanks!

I have the same issue its annoying, please release un update to fix this problem its not one person’s problem

It will be included in an update in October when there are more substantial fixes to include. For now you can apply the fix above.


Fix worked fine on my 4K+…now applying to the 4K.

I did all the steps,the green screen is fixed but the crash with sad face is still continues and its annoying, what should I do

What sad face? I don’t see any posts or logs about this issue from you.

Im following the same issue that others had I and explained in above comments ; the sad face vero 4k+ crashes and reboots then when I try to play back the same video a green screen apears,
Now when you suggested a fix I followed the steps, but still I have crashes but when I try to play back the same video it plays without green screen

Other posters have reported that the issue is solved. We would need to see some logs in a new thread to identify the problem.


I experience similar issues.
Vero 4k+
h.265, h.264 and x264 are affected.

Have you tried this?

thank you.
its now applied, i will report back if i found any thing.

Kinda sucks now we have to wait an unspecified amount of time before we are able to seek back or forward while watching things.

You can apply the fix as demonstrated above. There will be a release in October.

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