SickChill on Vero 4k+


I am a new Vero user having received my device around a week ago. I love it for playing media in Kodi via a samba share from my 10-year old desktop (which was an Athlon dual-core that acted as my Kodi player, file server, and torrent downloader).

I installed SickChill on the Vero 4k+ today but am finding the web interface to be extremely slow. Should slow SickChill behaviour be expected given the Vero 4k+ hardware – or is there no reason it should behave slower than my old Athlon dual core machine?


P.S. I generally followed these instructions (SickChill installation Ubuntu 15 · SickChill/SickChill Wiki · GitHub) but found I had to execute many of the commands logged in as root rather than using sudo.

I’m not sure why but the speed of the SickChill web gui has become much faster recently. All seems OK now.

Is it possible there was some extraction / file processing taking place while you were operating the web interface?


How many forks are there now!?

Hi Sam,

It is possible - but SickChill web gui was running very slow for at least an hour or longer. And this was a fresh install with only one tv series added to it. So I would be surprised if processing was the issue. But I’ll report back if I notice the problem again.

I thought the various forks were due to some disagreement between the official developers and some rouge who got ownership access to the git repo. My understanding is that SickChill is the latest fork from the official team. But I’m happy to be corrected if someone knows which is the official fork.


Let’s keep an eye on things.

Thanks for the insight.


I now suspect my system had automatically gone into the low-cpu suspend mode when I was setting up SickChill ([Vero 4k+] How to I wake the device from suspend?) as now it seems to be running as fast as I expected.

if you are going to be using SickChill, then there really is no benefit to using the suspend mode. The power savings of suspend mode are minimal (if any really). But as you experienced, it will slow SickChill down since the CPU speed it throttled.