Skin broken after reboot


yesterday I installed new skin for my OSMC - Arctic: Zephyr. It works OK. However, when I reboot the system, the skin starts to behave strangely.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run OSMC with Estuary skin.
  2. Install and enable Arctic: Zephyr skin from official Kodi repository. Skin works OK.
  3. (Optional) Log off and log in. Skin still works OK.
  4. Reboot system.
  5. Skin is broken. There is Live TV item missing in main menu, Skin settings are completely empty,…
  6. Switch skin for Estuary. Switch it back for Arctic: Zephyr.
  7. Skin is working OK now until next reboot.

Main menu:

Skin settings:


Please can you help me with this issue?


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