Skin switches to OSMC Skin after February Update to Jarvis

Nice one, thank you very much! The update went without problems (my MariaDB already was up to date), only thing I want to mention is that the skin got reverted to the OSMC skin instead of Confluence which I use as a standard on all my devices - is that intentional?

I had the same, OSMC skin after update instead of Confluence. Other than that update went smoothly on Vero 2.

This is likely because you were running the Beta version of Jarvis.

If you manually choose any skin other than the default, the skin used, will still be the one you manually chose.
If you never manually change the skin, the skin will have switched to whichever is the “default”

The beta version used a “default” of the Confluence skin.
The actual OSMC release version uses a default of OSMC Skin.

As spinner says, no it was not intentional, but was a result of a bug in our RC releases of Jarvis.

Because the Vero 2 initially shipped with Jarvis RC3 (ahead of the official release of Jarvis) if you had left your Skin set to the default of Confluence it would revert back to the OSMC skin after updating - which is actually supposed to be the default skin, not Confluence.

It shouldn’t happen on future updates, and wouldn’t have happened if you had have had a different skin other than Confluence selected.

Well, it’s no biggie (and I also didn’t intend to get a separate thread opened here :wink: )

No worries just did it as more people might get into this.

Thought I read on here how to get back to default skin, when updating to jarvis with an unsupported skin running. Can’t find it again now. Could someone point me in the right direction?

Add entry in guisettings.xml <skin>skin.confluence</skin>

Thanks. That’s one easy way to fix it :slightly_smiling:
I’m getting an error when trying to install new skins though. No matter which one I try to install from the official repo, I get error on dependency kodi gui version something something.

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That did the trick. Thanks again!