Slow Wifi Vero 4k+ latest stable build


due to problems with Test build I downgraded my Vero 4k+ to latest stable version and reflashed via USB. Since then I do notice poor Wifi performance. I dont even get 1MB/s when downloading files from the internet or from my NAS.

Speed via Cable is fine, but I dont want to put cable through half of the house. (should have been done while I was renovating basement… I know :stuck_out_tongue:)

Accesspoint shows overall good signal quality. And it also does not help to move Vero closer to AP. I also tried changing Channels without success and also configured seperate SSID with just 2.4 or 5GHz just on this nearest AP. But result remains the same… poor and slow.

On the test build I didnt had these issues (but issues with playing 4k HDR files).

Does anyone has an idea whats causing this?

Debug Log attached:

can I maybe update Wifi Drivers?

Maybe use 5ghz

If you’re referring to the 4.9 test builds, they use newer WiFi drivers, which may be yielding some improvements for you that aren’t available in the stable build.

I’d suggest ruling out an external factor like Ethernet speed and testing WiFi throughput using iperf.

This is a bit of a long shot but try this:

connmanctl tether wifi off

then reboot.

I already tried that as written in first post without success…

I also already tried iperf and the performance there shows what I wrote. around 1MBit average…

When I try this its just saying that its already disabled!
connmanctl tether wifi off

osmc@osmc:~$ connmanctl tether wifi off
Error disabling wifi tethering: Already disabled

Any other ideas? I would say its driver related, as its working fine with the 4.9 test builds…

What test build, the 4.9 kernel, or the Kodi 19 build? I’ve been using the 4.9 kernel for months with no problems.

What were the problems that made you decide to downgraded?

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Issue discussed here

Well, I did say it was a long shot but I also suggested that you reboot.

Looking at the log, I see you’re using 2.4 GHz channel 7 to connect to what seems to be a Sophos router or access point.

So two recommendations:

  1. Change the channel to either 1, 6 or 11. Channel 7 is an in-between channel and will receive interference from users on channels 6 and 11.
  2. Reboot the router and, if separate, the access point.

Other channels were already Testet as well… of Course with no difference.

My house stands alone and there are no other wifis around. And again, I dont have this issues with 4.9 kernel so I dont think that its my setup.

Anyway thanks for helping

Merry XMas to everyone!

I „solved“ the issue for me with configuring just dedicated ssid only on the closest AP where I want the vero to connect to.

I have around 70MBits average now… what is something I can live with till problems with other image are resolved!