[Solved] Bluetooth speaker with harmony remote?


I just bought a Vero4K, and I’m using a harmony remote with Bluetooth. Everything is working great! And I’m really happy with my device :slight_smile:

But, right now I’m trying to connect with my phone on Bluetooth too so I can use Vero4K as a connected speaker.
I tried to connect with GUI, it doesn’t work. I tried to connect in command line, it doesn’t work. As I’m using my Harmony remote as a keyboard, and read on the forums (Use a bluetooth speaker and bluetooth keyboard simultaneously? - #4 by fzinken) that it could be problematic, I tried to add another Bluetooth dongle and connect with this other dongle with command line, and still it doesn’t work. I can pair, but cannot connect :confused:

Is there something I didn’t try? Is what I’m trying doable, or should I stop because it won’t work?

Thanks a lot!

I assume you have installed a2dp package?

While I am not so sure about the topic of OSMC as a audio sink. but you might want to try the latest staging version of a2dp which at least fixed the issues of OSMC as audio source for bluetooth.


Of course, I didn’t activate A2DP…
It’s working now. Sorry for that and thanks a lot!