[SOLVED] Vero 2 doesn't play any video after March update

Okay thanks… so what should I do now? Link my current topic there and ask for the fix? Please advise. Thank you.

As I already tagged Sam here he surely will update when there is a fix or he will advice if your problem is different

I just saw an error in the uploaded log. To troubleshoot this problem I temporarily changed my sources.xml but not knowing that the link to the video file was not updated in the central database so it could not find the file to play. I will fix this and re-upload it here when the issue still persists. Thank you for your quick reply!

Support for the first generation Vero ended some time ago and there are no updates for it. Are you sure you have a 1st generation device?

Yeah I bought the 1st generation for sure. I somehow got an automatic update alert so I installed it. I am already happy that my 1st gen still got updates. Not knowing that the support has ended.

The last supported version was 2018.12-1 with Kodi 17.6. You can install this version from our downloads page.

Okay thanks! Do I choose the Vero image (which is not recent anymore) or de OSMC image? How do I flash it to my Vero?

Okay I see it now… that’s the old version. Thanks!

Your log seems to show that you have a Vero 2, not a Vero 1.

Hmm sorry my apology… I really thought I have a Vero… thanks for reminding me that.

I was almost going to flash my Vero with the Vero disk image… do you know what issues I have?

Thank you for responding because you are not feeling well?? Take care!

I would check which device you have before attempting any reinstallation of OSMC.

Yeah I know… but I would rather find out what happened now to my Vero after the March update. Do you think it is related to the problem in the other forum? I would resort to reinstallation of Vero 2 if nothing helps.

If it’s a Vero 2, just wait a little bit and update again and the problem will be solved.

Okay I have Vero 2 otherwise I will not be able to download the March update from My OSMC. I didn’t install it manually.

Thank you for the heads up! I will wait for the fix! I appreciate it!

Take care!

Having the same issue on my vero 2. No video plays, just rotating circle when you press play

Please update again and the situation should be solved.


No updates found. Server propagation ?

Or did you mean… “Update when it is available and it’s not available yet you monkeys!” Lol

Usually takes about an hour for the mirrors to sync.

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Thanks Sam for the quick fix! I installed the new update and can confirm that now my videos play! Cool! I can enjoy my weekend now :wink:

Update fixed playback on my Vero 2. Works great now.

New Remote functionality is a big improvement.

Everyone needs to read this post IMO:

Thanks @sam_nazarko and and @darwindesign and the rest of the team.