Soundwire not working after Nov update


I was using the soundwire app that allows to stream the audio to android phone. It was working fine on march 2020 update.

Updated to nov 2020 and it connects fine as before and it shows connected on android app, but i can’t hear any audio.

I have selected alsa pulseaudio sound server as output in audio settings.

Anything changed in pulse audio since the buster update maybe the volume is set off in pulse audio or i need to map it to the soundserver?

Any info be appreciated.

Here is previous post for reference

pulseaudio is broken since Buster. Someone in here managed to fix that (search for bluetooth in the last 2-3 months) by building pulse separately.

Soundwire doesn’t use bluetooth but works over wifi. Can you post link to building it separately.

Is it possible to downgrade osmc?

You could ask @rupert_s how he did it here: [HowTo] Connect 3 bluetooth headsets to OSMC Rpi mediacenter

You can always downgrade by re-installing. But there will be no upgrades/fixes to Stretch in future.

There are other ways to stream music - Yatse or the in-built Kore client (haven’t tried either myself).

That looks complicated ill have to reinstall unfortunately. Can you downgrade without reinstalling are would that break more stuff?

For my use case Soundwire allows to hear audio on android while having video on TV. I believe yatse or kore only allowing sending whole video or music not separate audio from video.

No. Too complicated.