See for yourself…

20:21:56.426 T:4108432304 NOTICE: Starting Kodi (17.1-RC2). Platform: Linux ARM (Thumb) 32-bit

Take your point thanks.

I’m afraid i don’t know what that means…

Check your kodi logs… Confirm the version. Otherwise, have faith that the update system ,that we have countless dev hours in, is correct when it reports that there are no updates available.

Your system is not up to date.

Please try checking for updates again.

I’ll look at this clip tomorrow.

I’ll check again - thanks Sam, but I did try a few times last night including after a reboot. Odd. Worst case scenario I can always do a reinstall followed by restore of my settings/plugins backup I guess.

Be interested to see how you get on with the clip. As ActionA says, I guess it’s not a real world example, but having tried various clips it does seem that the x264 decoder struggles more than the x265 one with higher bitrates. That’s progress I guess.

Either way, great bit of kit and thanks for all your help and support. I’ll look to get that ‘shimmering’ video for you soon, but busy again this evening I’m afraid.



I had a look at this video and tried to play it back over sshfs and WiFi (5Ghz) to stress the network as well.

The video is 29.97, which is why I believe there are judders. I’ve been able to play higher, more demanding H264 content than this, so it’s something we need to take a look at fixing. Fortunately – this is not very common outside of test clips!


Do you mean that 29.97fps is not very common?

I have noticed that for some reason most concert films are shot at 29.97 but I have tried a couple I have and they seem to work ok.