Still Having Problems with DVD Playback

Alright im still cant get dvds to play. I have a RPI 3 model B running OSMC 2017.02-2. I have the codec license keys installed and working. Its a fresh blank install, the only thing i did was enable debugging and try to play some dvd. I tried 4 different dvds the last being a burnt copy and it played fine. I think its something to to with libdvdscc but i dont know i can install that on osmc. I see lots of commands and stuff to do this but most of the are for Raspbian. I did a lot of googling and youtube and i don’t understand why i having so much trouble. From what i can see most people just plug everything up and it works, and i know you guys are tried of hearing from me. Thank in advance for any help. any additional info y’all need just let me know.

Here is my Log file:

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