Suspend/sleep behaviour


Sorry misread your post. Debug logs with the issue reproduced, would help towards a fix.

Thanks Tom.

Hi, I will do so tonight or tomorrow.

I have been busy, so I bit delayed…. but I just uploaded a log file for a cycle:
reboot - wait 5 minutes for activation of screen saver - push a button - go to suspend - wait - wake up - wait almost 10 minutes for activation of screensaver… it never activates until I make a reboot.

Log file

I hope you can find something in the log file.

This should now be fixed in today’s update, which will be available in a few hours.


I’m having an issue where sometimes after my Vero 4k goes into suspend mode, I cannot get it to send an HDMI signal again. Reboot is my only option.

How do you wake it?

I use Kodi IP control and send the “home” IP command, however, no IP commands will wake the HDMI connection. I believe it’s awake though because I can hear the Kodi “click” sound. I can successfully reboot it with the reboot IP command.

Suggest to provide debug logs from the case where HDMI signal doesn’t recover

Ok thank you, might take a couple days to replicate but I’ll be back with debug logs. In the mean time. I found this. What are your thoughts?

Try if replugging the HDMI cable helps

It does fix it if I unplug and plug back in the HDMI cable. I’ll change that setting and report back.

It looks like ‘Enable HPD Lock under Settings -> Display’ has fixed the issue.

Is there a possibility to update library when waking from the sleep/suspend mode? I’m using Vero now for a week or two, and I stopped turning it off completely, instead I set 30 minutes of inactivity to put it on suspend. I prepare my files on NAS and I want Vero to auto update library when I turn on the TV and wake it from sleep? Any add-on or option for that? Also, one more thing, how can I program Home button on the remote to take me back to the first selection on the main Menu? Now, no matter where I am, pressing it will take me back, but never to the starting position (Movies) but to the one I had selected before going to the menus, Weather or Setting or Programs… I want Home button on remote to be what it says, to bring me all the way to the starting selection no matter where I was.