[TEST] Kodi builds with RetroPlayer support


I am sure some of you have been reading about garbear’s excellent work on integrating retrogaming support in Kodi. Raspberry Pi users can already use mcobit’s Retrosmc, but this work brings the integration right in to Kodi itself which is nice.

Latest build: 9th October 2015

This is based on OSMC’s September Kodi build with support for Retroplayer baked in. Simply copy and paste the following command via SSH to install a build:

Raspberry Pi: wget http://paste.osmc.io/raw/osaxuyapab.bash -O- | sudo sh
Raspberry Pi 2: wget http://paste.osmc.io/raw/yolevubofu -O- | sudo sh
Vero: wget http://paste.osmc.io/uyaxotiros.bash -O- | sudo sh

When the October update comes out, your system will update to the normal OSMC release build. By following the above instructions again, you can once again get back on a Retroplayer build. To go back to an official release build, you can run the following command:

set -- $(cat /proc/cmdline) && for x in "$@"; do case "$x" in osmcdev=*) sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get install --reinstall -y "${x#osmcdev=}-mediacenter-osmc"; ;; esac; done

This is not complete yet, and it’s not merged in Kodi itself yet, so expect some breakage. I’ll update these builds as progress is made. Building all of the emulators in Garbear’s tree does not work properly. I spoke to him about this and he says it is expected. I suspect things will improve in time but for now you may not have the full range of emulators.

If you find a bug or an issue, please report it on the Kodi Retroplayer forum, but please ensure that the bug has not been reported already.



The ones who already use Retrosmc need to remove it?

i don’t think one has to uninstall retrosmc… i just sort of backupped my install and i am installing this retroplayer-build right now… “unexpected Operator” (see below) it says right now… i’m gonna ignore it for now :smiley:
will report (on rpi2)

sh: 6: [: 0: unexpected operator
-e * Stopping Kodi
build.deb 100%[=====================>] 26.29M 8.39MB/s in 3.4s

2015-10-09 13:10:45 (7.84 MB/s) - ‘build.deb’ saved [27563356/27563356]

sh: 6: [: 0: unexpected operator
-e * Stopping Kodi

-e * Installing new build

update 1:
okay, it’s there, but it says there’s no Joystick
“Joytstick uspport not found - Controller configuration is disabled. install the prober Joystick Support add-on” but all of them are activated? Looks like i have to do some Research :wink:

also tvheadend hts Client is gone and i can’t find it anymore. installing with apt-get install xbmc-pvr-tvheadend-hts it tells me something about dependancy Problems. it wants xbmc!? (not kodi…)

update 2:
okay i don’t get it at all… i can’t find where to activate the Joystick Support. the game-section doesn’t even Show me the games after adding the directories.

update 3:
okay, at “devices” it says CEC-Adapter and, new, “Keyboard”… never seen that before. but no Joystick/Gamepad. is there even Gamepad-Support included yet?

No new builds since Oct 9? This project is very exciting.


If people are willing to do a big of testing, I can certainly produce some more builds. I didn’t see a lot of interest over the past month so I didn’t track upstream that much.


Fully understandable, Sam. I won’t be able to test much either. But from my understanding this is a feature that will make it into future Kodi releases?

Could you recall where you read this?


It would be good if you could let me know what is bad with the current build so I can see if we can improve upon that.

RetroPlayer was not in 15.x (as we can probably both tell). I suspect it will hit Kodi around 17.x


The current build installs but hangs on this process afterwards:
[ OK ] Started Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes.
Works again after a reboot. However it also breaks NFS and remote control support for me, so it’s a no go.

Can we see a log?

Working on it!

Can’t mess around in the middle of series watching season, would cause family insurgency.

Hmmm never really seen this one … is it based on Jarvis or Krypton?

that old one is Isengard.

Retroplayer is gonna be included in Krypton if no issues is found and Krypton builds are available here too under the testing subforum

Does retroplayer have support for fanart and posters for games etc NFO files and so forth or does it show just basic games list?

And does retroplayer have same emulators as retropie?


Check Kodi forums


Most of your questions are answered there :slight_smile:

I know it would become a headache to release a new build of this all the time, but is there any chance we might get one every so often? I would love a chance to see how retroplayer is progressing.

retroplayer will be ready whenever garbear is ready until then we just chill

I’m certainly not trying to be impatient, just curious of witnessing and testing the progression first hand. I thought it might be a reasonable request based on the project leader’s previous comment regarding his willingness to facilitate those users who are willing to test these particular builds. I’m sorry if I misunderstood his intent.

No one has shown much willingness to test and we haven’t seen logs for any problems, so I won’t be producing any new builds for now

Krypton is up next and we expect a merge then. So I suspect support will find its way in to our newclock builds soon enough



That’s understandable. I look forward to putting it through it’s paces as it gets closer. I have a myriad of USB controllers, as well as high-end USB retro controller adapters that might help in the testing process.

As always, thanks for all the time and diligence you guys have put into making OSMC so amazing.

Awesome we certainly gonna need a myriad of USB controllers for controller project coming up