[TESTING] Improved LPCM output for Vero 4K

thanks. If you are saying these artifacts are new, then by rights you should only get them when switching to a 5.1 or after finishing a 5.1. Playing 7.1 should be unaffected.

If that’s not the case, we need to do something about muting while switching.

No they are not new, I have been experiencing them for a long time now, as I said intermittently, but it’s been happening all throughout the issue with the 5.1 mapping problem.

On another note, I have just realised I cannot play movies with Atmos tracks on 1080p h264 files now. The files will default to the 2nd audio track, or if there is none, skip to the next movie.

HEVC 2160p Atmos is fine. And DTS-HD audio is fine too.

Wait… What? You’re still having basic PCM playback issues? The problem threads were closed when the channel mapping was fixed about a month ago. Why no comment on this when we all thought, basic PCM playback was finally properly working? :weary::see_no_evil:
Or did we all miss that?

If this is unrelated, could you start a new thread?

No. There are random issues like this as I mentioned above.

Where did you say, they have been there before? Don’t see that… There weren’t any reports about any noise issues related to PCM playback before this testing started anymore, were there?

No, I’m pretty sure it just happened today. Reboot the Vero, and it seems to work now, but the stuttering when I fwd skip on a 4k file is back.

Could they be linked?

You will have to reset that parameter to 10 after a reboot.

You mean Atmos works or no audio artifacts?

After a reboot Atmos works. But fwd skip on 4k files does not.

We are in the wrong thread for this but perhaps you could reset the video to where it was last week:

sudo su
echo 8 > /sys/module/amvdec_h265/parameters/dynamic_buf_num_margin

and does Atmos work with that?

Yes, Atmos works now on 1080p files, and skipping works on 2160p files.

Thanks Graham.

Interesting. But you won’t be able to watch John Wick 2 or Serenity rips!

Funny, I have JW2 on at the moment…never experienced a freeze, do I need to play it through from the start or can I skip to a specific time, to experience the freeze?

EDIT: no freeze for me in the first couple of minutes of jw 2. The bike hits John’s car just fine !!

Might be a different rip.

Stay tuned for a new update shortly with support for more audio output modes.



I’ve now updated the original post with a new test build. This adds support for further channel layouts.

You can follow the original instructions to get the updated build.


To clarify, no changes at the GUI level? The only non-5.1/7.1 title I have is a R1 DVD of Sense and Sensibility, with a 5.0 DD soundtrack. For testing, I disabled passthrough to see how PCM mapping would work. My AVR reports a 3/4/.1 layout, so the mapping is not preserved. However, with a 5.1 DD DVD, my AVR does report a 3/2/.1 PCM input when passthrough is disabled, so the mapping is working with 5.1.

Please post a debug log for the 5.0.

Here’s a log for 5.0 title. Initiated playback twice, once with passthrough enabled (AVR confirms 5.0 DD audio), then with passthrough disabled (AVR reports 7.1).