[TESTING] IPv6 connectivity now available for downloads and updates

As part of our plans to upgrade our infrastructure over the coming months, downloads and updates via APT should now be available via both IPv4 and IPv6 from today. While we don’t anticipate any issues, it would be good to get some feedback from those with an IPv6 enabled stack to verify that things are working as expected and there has not been any disruption.




If you want me to do a Speed-test with your infrastructure, I have a 1Gbps down-link :slight_smile:
Let me know :slight_smile:

PS: I don’t yet use IPV6. Dunno when I’ll activate it. Would have to rework my entire Firewall + Rules.

There should be plenty of bandwidth to handle updates and downloads, but presently this was only served over IPv4. We don’t really ship an IPv6 enabled stack on OSMC presently, but this will change in the future. We are seeing some IPv6 usage on Discourse and the website however.

After this, we’ll soon look at deploying HTTPS for APT and the Download domains as well.

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Hello Sam : great ! is stable Buster coming Today ?

No – but very shortly I will make a public testing thread so that we can get feedback on Buster and solve any known issues for a final release.

I am on the latest 4.9 kernel build, can I even help?
I have ipv6 for a few years already.

I could help with dns resolves or ping6

We don’t really support IPv6 out of the box due to issues with My OSMC not being able to handle it, if memory serves. It should be manually configurable, but I think we disabled it in sysctl for now.

But I can see that you are posting on the forum with IPv6, so things should be working.

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I’m using IPv6 since i bought my Vero4K in 2018. I don’t remember whether I have to manually modify the connman configuration for my network, but I never had any IPv6-related issues.

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I’m IPv6 enabled, also on my Vero. I’ve tested apt update etc. from shell and all works well.

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Thanks, appreciated.

Also IPv6 activated with vero4k and debian buster. Works well.

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I do SLAAC-based configuration on my home network. Actually all my devices (apart from the Vero, of course) are dual stack.

How do you recommend to configure the Vero to enable the IPv6 stack? I’m happy to help testing.

root@very:~# sysctl -a | grep eth0.disable_ipv6
net.ipv6.conf.eth0.disable_ipv6 = 1

Just follow the steps @ActionA described.

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Thanks for that. IPv6 configured :slight_smile: