[TESTING] Kodi 18 (Leia) builds for Raspberry Pi


It’s explained in the first post of this thread


sry! found it … works!


Hey, I‘ve installed the 17.8-347 and got the sad face loop.
But removing the kodi userdata folder, solved this.

Trying to install one of my custom add-on repositories, returned the sad face loop. One of these repositories is the Zach Morris IAGL repository
Maybe it helps to track down the root cause.


Hi ppl, updated to 17.8-347 on RPi2 (scanned for updates after a long time).
Didn’t get sad face loop, but got sad face everytime tried to play any YouTube video.
Needed to switch to a stable build so went back directly to 17.8-335 :stuck_out_tongue:
It worked!


I got sad face loop too in 347. Downgraded to 345. Working fine now.


I am also in a loop since the latest update. “2018.08-2” on RPi3

Update: https://paste.osmc.tv/horumiwesa

Downgraded to 345, all seems good now.


There are issues with 346 and 347. Best to downgrade to 345 until a fix is released.


Hey. Just noticed that playing x265 HEVC .mkv files on the -345 build is awful. Squares and green everywhere. So broken. Don’t understand why. My stable version I had earlier had no problems with this whatsoever (same files)… Anyone else? RPi 3.


Check your configuration or try a reinstall. You are the only person who has reported such an issue since 345…


I just tried to downgrade straight to krypton and am now in a sad face loop… Might have to do a clean install either way now


Yes, you cannot trivially downgrade from the testing branch back to the stable branch.


Lesson learned… then again I upgraded back now (lol) and the system is working again, but the HEVC issue remains


Then open a new thread, appropriately titled, that provides the required diagnostic information so that support personnel have a chance to assist you with your issue.

EDIT: MORE IMPORTANTLY, search for your issue on this forum. It’s covered quite extensively.


I have searched. Nothing I found has helped (Maybe I suck at searching)… I am thinking I have to do a clean install tomorrow either way and if the problem is still there after that, I will open a new thread.


You cannot expect a Raspberry pi to reliably play HEVC, particularly higher bitrate 1080p HEVC files. It cannot decode them in hardware as it does h.264. You need a Vero device if you need to be able to reliably use these files with OSMC.


yea I have been thinking of getting a vero for some while. Though, I have played these exact files as late as yesterday without problems, one beta release later and trouble.

Tomorrow I will know for sure. But one would think Leia would be able to perform at at least same level as Krypton.
But again, Beta… And RPi3… We will see. Hoping for the best.


When can I expect to be able to build kodi again from scratch. 346 & 347 killed my rpi setup and I deleted the wrong xlm file when I tried to roll back losing my sources xml file (update put me in a sad face loop so roll back wasn’t enough, I needed to force bash shell at startup and copy xml files from a new build but I deleted wrong… anyway a longer story than you need to read, my bad), living with it. Mental note back up a little more often.

Loaded latest OSMC and kodi, then rolled back to kodi 345 but addons have dependency issues which are are not being resolved.

Cannot load netflix addon as it states it is missing dependencies. Not the only issue as streaming other services puts it into a sad face loop again.

I am assuming there will be a monthly release soon I can build from. If I shouldn’t be getting these issues let me know and I will try again.


There are issues with the current build where kodi crashes when viewing thumbnails from Netflix/Amazon etc, and then importing/updating the library.

We are working hard to resolve this but no ETA yet. My 4k is glowing red hot from all the test builds I’ve done trying to find this issue :slight_smile:

Once the builds are going again there are released nightly (or every 2/3 days)

As these are still beta builds breakage is expected.

When Leia is released to prod Sam will include this is the monthly update cycle. Again no ETA on when it will be released but hopefully will be this year.


Many thanks

I will build with earlier osmc (august I think) and load Kodi 345 and not do any updating through the install. Hopefully I will be up and running again.


A few days ago my pi was getting in an infinite reboot loop…Downgrading to 345 did not solve the problem.
http://paste.osmc.tv/xeluvemisa.profile latest log…no crashes no nothing :confused:

Will try 344