[TESTING] Linux 4.19 for Raspberry Pi

Seems to be a small issue with audio. GUI sounds not playing on every click when keep audio device alive is off. On 4.14 audio wakes up after a couple of clicks then effectively keeps clicking even if keep alive is off.

Having ditched my Pi3 for my new Pi4, im experiencing quite a few issues with it (probably related to Raspbian buster and the fact its brand new so bound to be loads of bugs that need ironing out…mainly usb3 issues and problems with the osmc DVB-T stick)

So In the next few days I’ll be returning to my Pi3 temporarily, I’ll install this kernel and report any issues here.

Been using it 2 days now and see no issues so far.

Installed this on my Pi 3 today, and no issues yet.

I’ve been running for a few days on a heavily used Pi and have had no issues at all.

I have a little problem with lirc. The lirc module may be not compiled in the kernel.
Hope it will be fixed.
Thank you much for the new kernel.

modprobe: FATAL: Module lirc_rpi not found in directory /lib/modules/4.19.55-2-osmc

The lirc_rpi module should now be deprecated. It looks like gpio-ir is the way forward. I think we’ll need to update My OSMC to reflect this.

OSMC on your Pi4? or Raspbian?

Raspbian Buster, there is no OSMC available for the Pi4 currently mate.

Thought so. I updated to the dev version and noted some pi4 files, so wondered if there was some basic support there already.

Sam has said it shouldn’t take long, so he’s probably cracking on with it currently.

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PI 3B wont boot after upgrading… OSMC starts the loading sequence then starts a few services then stops and does nothing.

Sounds like the SD Card might have failed

No, I created an image backup before upgrading… when I reverted back to it, it booted fine again.

i had no issues with pi3+, but i try swapping cars with the pi4 and didn’t work :slight_smile:

OSMC doesn’t support Pi4…yet.

@sam_nazarko would be great if you could add Xbox Tuner Card support as part of the move to Linux 4.19.


Thank you.

Did it work in 4.9?

Device is not detected at all on Tvheadend using Linux osmc 4.14.78-4-osmc (Kodi 18).

Wiki suggests it as added in 4.16 RC.

I’ll check this.