[TESTING] Remote repeat filter changes


I’m coming from https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/fast-press-remote-not-registered where i wrote about the 3rd keypress on the original vero4k remote does not get registered when pressing fast.

Test1: no improvement
Test2: improvment, it better registers the 3rd press, but not at the speed I want to press. As long as I press it a little slower, it works. But 3 really fast presses still result in only getting 2.


I think this is abandoned for now due to lack of interest.



Tested both changes too.
Test #1 didn’t show any observable improvement for me, but I noticed that longpressing arrow keys (OSMC remote) didn’t allow scrolling through lists anymore (maybe intended).
Test #2 increased responsiveness a lot and scrolling by longpressing is possible again. Will keep this setting for now and test further and come back here if I notice any unexpected behaviour.


Have to report the same only using the rf remote with dongle on my unit.
Test #1 feels a bit slower than the current Release (january 2018), longpress scrolling was working for me tho the delay after it kicks in was definatly increased compared to the current release.
Test #2 is much more responsive but there is no difference compared to the current release with the param removed.

BTW to get back to the current release i just ran apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade.