The forum needs a sticky!

Seeing the same posts over and over with the same replies over and over asking for logs and what else.

Not saying everyone would read said sticky, but it’s certainly cut the fat.

You know there is already a sticky telling people what info is required right?

There is also the Wiki with common questions/answers


Only browse mobile site and can’t see any stickies.

There is a sticky, and the Wiki.

When a user posts for the first time they actually have to click a button to acknowledge they have read both. I also send them an automated PM telling them the solutions to the most common problems and where to get help.

I think that the real issue is that we do reply to the same questions, where time may be spent better elsewhere. The problem is if we spoon-feed the users too much the community doesn’t grow and people don’t learn to search for themselves. It’s harder to grow a community based on knowledge now than it was four years ago with Raspbmc. I think streaming add-ons have changed things a little.

It needs some thought, and I encourage the discussion on how to improve the quality of posts here.

I have to agree. No stickies visible on mobile site.

I understand from Sam’s post that sticky is only for first time. If you click that you have read it it is not sticky anymore

There is always the option of banner. :wink:

It may make the forum look unsightly. Perhaps a one-time, dismissable banner would work well.