To MySQL or not to MySQL?


I’ve been a Vero user for years, currently on the 4K, but will likely upgrade soon. I was wondering, what are other Vero user’s experiences with setting up a Kodi MySQL database to replace the sqlite one? Is it worth it, what are the benefits and downsides?

I’m not sure if I have enough reason to do it - I’m not using multiple devices now and I would only do it mainly for having a backup managed on my NAS instead of on the Vero device and to be more easily occasionally peek into the data. Sometimes I want to do some bulk updates to the data (e.g. root path change) or just out of curiosity see how it stores data. For example at the moment I’m trying to see if there’s some pattern in data for 3D movies that I could use as filter - I don’t use file name patterns with 3D in them.

I’m worrying that my NAS is slow to wake up since it usually only has to respond when I start playing a movie or when I scan for new movies I have preferred to let it sleep rest of the time. But if Kodi will be communicating with that machine’s MySQL server more often now, is there a risk of crashes when the NAS takes it’s time to wake up while Kodi is doing some UI actions?

Indeed. Since you’re not using multiple devices, only you will know if it’s worth the extra hassle. Apart from things like watched status, the database can be re-created relatively easily. If you want to keep a backup of the database, you should shut down Kodi first

If your not using multiple devices I don’t think the effort, and probably reduction in library speed is worth it. If your letting the device that would be running the database sleep then I would strongly advise against it. Kodi gets very unhappy when the db becomes unavailable. Normally it will recover after a long delay but i’ve had it crash as well.

If you just want to make sure you don’t have to rebuild your library then you can setup a backup in the MyOSMC add-on.

As for dealing with paths you shouldn’t really need to manually edit for that. If you are doing an individual show then once you rename the file just update the library and then run a clean library to get rid of the duplicate. If your changing an entire source and don’t want to rescrape there is an alternative.

Cool, thanks for the tips. I won’t go with MySQL.

Last time I think when I changed the root folder name, I did use the sqlite command line tool to update it in the database. Seems more logical than adding some runtime remapping setting, but good to know that option exists.

BTW For the 3D files I just realized that I can add Stereoscopy in MKVToolNix and then even the file extension will be different (.mk3d) so I can filter based on that.