TV not "seeing" my Vero2 (sometimes) when turned on

Dear friends,
Vero2 with latest (16 Jun 2016 IIRC) update installed (but this started happening before this last update for a few weeks) connected to a Yamaha sound projector via HDMI and then from the Yamaha to a Sony android TV.

Sometimes when I turn on the TV the screen remains black and the only way to get the Vero back is to un-power it (which luckily seems not to have damaged anything so far) and reboot it. Now the normal boot process starts first at 720p and then resumes the normal usual beautiful 1080p.

Before this I had the first Vero running without this problem for many months and also this Vero2 did run without this problem for quite a long time.

The only problem I always had with this setup, prior to this one, was the CEC failing sometimes but it was a much less severe issue since using the Vero remote even only ONCE fixed this and I could use the normal Sony TV remote thereafter.

Thanks for any suggestion.

Try powering the TV for a few moments before the amp. The amp is likely feeding a bogus EDID to the Vero until the correct input is selected

dmesg should print the EDID and we should be able to confirm this from that. You can also check sysfs to see the preferred mode

Thanks Sam, I’ll check.
The Amp is usually always on (as the Vero2).
Only the TV gets shut down and back on.

Not sure I understand the dmesg and sysfs thingies but will study and report :slight_smile:

Hi Sam,
the problem is not going away and quite annoying.

I could not understand your “dmesg” and “sysfs” things depite trying. Could you please elaborate ?

Meanwhile As a stopgap measure, what is the quickest way to resume via a command line ? I am currently ssh-ng in Vero2 and sudo shutdown -r 0 but its probably an overkill !

Thanks for now