Tv shows don’t show anymore

Hi, I moved some tv show files and to avoid having to delete doubles showing up, I deleted the source, cleaned the library and added the source again.

But now it only shows the sources in tv shows views, no matter what I do they will not show up, only the files.

Maybe not 100% vero related but perhpa you can help?

Did you forget to context menu your source and “set content” and then update the library?

sorry for late reply, content is set as tv shows, I can’t manual add shows either, no shows are found.

It is not entirely clear to me what you have done here but if you already dumped your library and are starting from scratch anyway then perhaps there is something gone wrong in the database and it would be prudent to just remove it entirely to make sure it is 100%. Without logs I’m not sure what else can be conferred. If you want to do this I outline how in the following thread.

thanks, will might try that, the movies shows correct so I dont know why the tv shows are giving me trouble, maybe just esiest to do a full reinstall.

Based on the information you provided I don’t know either. There would likely be little to no upside to do a full reinstall. The post I linked to shows how to either get a fully clean video library so you start fresh there without having to setup everything in Kodi again (other than set the scraper) or dump your entire .kodi folder so you have a fully clean Kodi without having to reinstall the operating system.

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Assuming the scraper is TMDB, what version is it?

I had a similar issue (new TV media not picked up) and upgrading to the latest TMDB scraper add-on (3.5.11) resolved it.

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the update solved it :slight_smile: