Two raspberries on one TV, CEC only works with one of them

I have had one raspberry B (512 MB RAM) and CEC used to work with it.

Now I have bought a new Pi 2 and I have attached it on another hdmi cable.

At first, I was able only to use CEC with old raspberry, but after a while (restart I
believe), the new Pi 2 has taken the CEC control, so CEC for the old raspberry
doesn’t work anymore.

Is it possible to have both raspberries connected to the one TV and be able to use
CEC with both of them?

Two raspberries should run without a problem connected to one TV. I have RPi 1 model B connected to one hdmi port and RPi 2 connected to other hdmi port. It works fine regarding switching CEC context from one pi to the other.

It is probably your TV to blame here. Maybe you should try to upgrade its firmware.

I don’t know what OS are you using, but when I use OSMC I have big problems with CEC, that I described here:

CEC issues are probably very TV vendor dependent, I have Sharp.


I managed to get both Pies CEC working.
Now it is even more interesting.

Thanks for info, that it is possible.