UE Roll speaker will not connect

Has anybody got a UE Roll bluetooth speaker to connect?
I have the latest version of OSMC on a PI v3. OSMC sees my UE Roll but it always fails when I try to connect.

Any ideas?

Did you install the A2DP package?

Sorry, I didn’t realise I needed to.
Do I get that from OSMC or externally?

Followed your instructions and now I can pair the speaker ok.
If I go into Settings/Audio/Audio output device and set it to ALSA I still get sound throughHDMI but not my speaker.
Is there another setting I need to adjust to get the sound directed to my speaker?

I assume you mean you have chosen “ALSA: OSMC streaming to Bluetooth…”, or?
If that is the case the only thing you can try to disconnect/reconnect the speaker once more after you changed that setting.

Thanks for your help.

All working lovely now

What have you done?

As you suggested.
After I had changed the audio output to ALSA… I re-paired my speaker and sound is now coming through the speaker.