UHD ISO File won’t play in Kodi

Just got my brand new Vero 4K+ box up and running! All other blu Ray iso files play fine. My 4K UHD movie file (venom) rip won’t play?? My TV and receiver are both brand new and play native 4K no problem. Is there a setting I’m missing?

Is the ISO encrypted?


No, I use dvd fab to decrypt all my iso rips

Here is a post from a while back indicating Vero 4k does NOT support ISO UHD files?? Is that correct? What happens if I use a test build of Kodi 18. will that work instead?? I bought the Vero 4k+ just for UHD ISO playback:)

Kodi 17.6 wasn’t playing uhd iso files. I know 18 does a lot better job. I’d wait until sam realeses osmc with kodi 18 or try a test build.

That’s what I was gathering. How do I load a test build of kodi 18 into the vero? I have never used Linux before, so this OSMC is new territory for this old windows guru:)

Unless you really need all the extras and menus, I’d suggest you save a bit of space and use a tool like MakeMKV (it’s free) to rip the main movie. You will lose no quality and you can strip out un-wanted subs and audio tracks.

I actually converted my iso into a mkv folder using DVDFab and it played just fine. I may have to go this route for my UHD rips for the time being. You said it saves space (it did) even though my iso file included only the main movie title and no extras. Where did this size change come from.?

If you just kept your favorite language subs and audio, that can save a bit. I’m not familiar with DVDFab. Does it work like MakeMKV and save the video untouched?

Yes, with iso or mkv passthrough one can choose which audio you want and subtitles etc. I ripped them the same except mkv passthrough the second time around and the file size went down a few GBs

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