UPNP stops working after 30minutes or so

Using RaspPi OSMC to share libraries over UPNP to 2 Windows 10 PCs, both running latest stable Kodi release.

All works fine, though after half an hour, give or take, the Windows PCs stop being able to detect the Pi and I have to reboot it. Disabling and re-enabling UPNP server in Kodi does not have an effect.

Logs here: http://paste.osmc.io/qapofavuxe

(debug not enabled yet sorry, will enable and try to recreate later on, if required)



I have enabled debugging and rebooted, will post logs once UPnP stops again


Hi Jackyaz,

I can see from your logs that you seem to be watch episodes of shows, so could you please clarify:

Does Windows stop seeing the pi at random or just when you go to play a new episode.

Also is the windows PC wired or wireless network?

Thanks Tom.

All wired. At random, for example I rebooted the Pi before going to bed, and by morning it had stopped, no clients had accessed it during this time.


Are these all windows PCs?

If you reboot one of the windows PCs or just unpluging and replugging the networking cable, can it see the kodi upnp server again?

Thanks Tom.

Everything except Pi was off overnight. PCs were fresh turned on and couldnt see it. Same with Android.


So just to clarify does it go off during playback or after periods of inactivity?

Thanks Tom.

Both. Like just now, it disappeared when noone was using it (I have the Network window open on my W10 PC to keep an eye).

Seems to be every 10-20minutes, activity or not!

I believe there’s an upstream bug report about this re. Kodi; but can’t remember where I read about it.


I couldn’t really see anything in the logs that revealed what the issue was, so I’ve been doing some googling and the results concur with on going bug with kodi as Sam has reported.

It seems another user was having issues with the kodi upnp, but had success with minidlna:

So you could this ago, untill the upstream bug has been resolved.

Thanks Tom.

I’ve also found my router may be playing a part, UPnP Intermittent Failure | SmallNetBuilder Forums

I’ll report back if the multicast snooping solves it.

It was in fact my router, seems the Quantenna chip for one of the LAN ports doesn’t play ball.

AFAIK, Quantenna is WiFi. You say your machines are all wired.

You can find out very simply if multicast is working here.

The AC87U is a strange beast, Asus did some weird stuff with the wiring on LAN 1!