Upscaling quality of Vero 4K

Did this work on an older version? I’ve changed the way SD modes are handled as if your TV supports HD modes they should be preferred. It’s still possible to manually set a mode.

Interestingly, your TV also doesn’t appear to report a preferred mode.

I haven’t had my Vero 4K very long so this is the only version I’ve used. I’m sure I had this option on my pi. It’s definitely not a deal-breaker as I don’t watch a huge amount of SD content anyway :slight_smile:

Ok – if you set it to 480p, then when you’d play HD content you’d have to manually change the resolution; so this isn’t ideal.

I thought it would switch up automatically like it does from 1080p to 4K. Is that not the case?

We will only switch from 1080p to 4K iff:

  • Adjust Refresh Rate is on
  • The content warrants it, i.e. it is 4K.

No other switching.

I see. Not to worry, as I say it’s not a huge issue. Do you know if there’s any work going into improving the hardware up scaling on the Vero? I assume this would be down to the drivers?

The upscaling for video will look fine.

We only say that the GUI (which is best at 1080p) is scaled better by TVs instead of hardware.

Hi guys,

What was the resolution of this? I just got my Vero 4k and am finding the 720p videos a bit soft. My previous setup was a 7 year old Nvidia ION htpc.


If you temporarily set the resolution to 720p, does it still look soft?
Latest update disables digital noise reduction.


For what it’s worth I’ve thought the picture quality of SD has looked much better recently. That must be why! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear this. DNR was definitely making things look a little too soft.