USB port difference + Hole Jack for infrared receiver extension


just receive the Vero 4K :smiley:. Very small, if we compare to the Vero2. Great.

I have 3 questions.

1// for the infrared receiver extension kit, in which “3.5mm Hole Jack” can we plug in the cable ?
I imagine there are one for that and one for the sound…

2// to be sure, this extension receiver replace the usb receiver dongle ?

3// usb port, what are the difference ? I can’t find in the specification the difference between the white and the black port ?

Thank you.

I believe the port nearest the HDMI is the analogue audio out, the port near the edge of the Vero 4K is for the IR receiver.

I don’t think the IR receiver really replaces the USB dongle as USB dongle is radio rather than IR, the IR receiver will allow you to use those all-in-one learning remotes.

From the quick start guide

Please note that the IR extension kit is only recommended if you are using a remote other than the OSMC remote. The OSMC remote does not require line of sight as it uses radio frequency instead of infrared.

Thank you for your answer, but I also read the quick start guide, and it is just a quick start guide.

@sam_nazarko : do you have a better explanation about the 3 questions ?

Thank you.

Same question from me too…

I already answered question 1 and 2. I just don’t know if there is any difference between the black and white USB ports.

Euh not really, you are not sure in your answer. We need precise answer.
No offense, I just want a return of @sam_nazarko, and the difference between USB port.


Ok, i’ll rephrase.

The IR receiver is only of use if you plan on using an IR remote control. The IR receiver should be plugged into the 3.5mm port on the outside of the Vero 4K (NOT the one near the HDMI port).
If you wish to use the OSMC RF remote control that was bundled with your Vero 4K then you don’t need to use the IR receiver at all and you can just leave this disconnected (Most people will use their Vero 4K like this), in this scenario you will need to use the USB RF dongle (Plugged into either USB port).

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The IR extender kit is for those that want to use an infrared remote and mount the device behind the TV. Vero 4K features a built in IR receiver, but this requires good line of sight (as is the nature of IR).

The kit is not a substitute for RF: but we understand that some people may want to use a universal remote control instead of having another remote.

USB ports are functionally the same in their current configuration but can be adapted for OTG, hence the different colour marking.


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@sam_nazarko, @jb2cool, thank for answers.
To be sure to understand: I want to use my remote panasonic TV remote command N2QAYB 001009
And I want to put the Vero4K behind the TV.
So I must connect the dongle usb and the IR extender kit ? Or just the IR extender kit ? Or just the dongle usb ?

Thank you.

If you’re putting the device behind the TV, you will want the IR extender kit. No RF module necessary.

But if your TV is modern it should support CEC, meaning IR isn’t necessary. Using IR for this remote would send duplicate signals and require you to record key presses to create an appropriate configuration file

Hope this helps

Yes, it helps.


So I don’t need the IR extended kit. And I also remove the USB dongle.
Apparently it is working.

Just to understand, the Panasonic remote control send signal to the TV, and the TV send the signal to the Vero4k box ?


That’s correct. This is known as HDMI CEC.

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Ok, thank you for your precious help.

We know why we bought Vero2 and Vero4k Boxes :slight_smile:


@sam_nazarko, I still don’t understand why the colours are different if they can both be adapted for OTG. Or is it just the white one that has this capability?
(Sorry for necroing this thread…)

Also, can you please confirm which of the two jacks is for audio, and which for the IR receiver?
Is there a reason none of these ports are labelled or colour coded? I feel the Vero 4K is perfect in so many ways, but this is poor design.

I think Sam meant to say ‘but one can be adapted …’. As stated above, the 3.5mm port nearer the corner is the IR adapter connection, the other one is audio and video out. There is no audio in.

Have a look here:

Thank you @grahamh. I’ve now added little paper labels to say “IR” and “AV out”. :stuck_out_tongue:

What are the voltage levels for the two USB ports?

USB spec is 5V.
I believe you are questioning current output. That’s 0.5a, per port (USB 2.0)