Using OSMC on Raspberry Pi B to Play music on bluetooth speakers

I’m running OSMC on a Raspberry Pi B - fully up-to-date. I installed Pulse-Audio + Bluetooth associated modules. I have copied a couple of mp3 tracks to the Pi to test playback via bluetooth speaker (UEBoom 2). I can pair and connect to the speaker. I have selected audio output as Alsa-PulseAudio Sound Server - however, there is no sound from the speakers when I play a mp3 track. If I select the Analog Audio Output option and play the track - I can hear it via a pair of plugged in headphones. I have read a vast amount of online advice on this issue, but none seems to provide a solution to my problem. Have you any advice or can you point me a comprehensive checklist of steps I need to make this work. Thankyou.

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