Various Problems with RasPi 3

Hello Forum

Recently bought RasPi3 and set up osmc.

SetUp is like that:

  • RasPi3 with OSMC and Kodi 17.1
  • Conected to Network with WiFi (IP is set static)
  • Media Files are on a Synology Nas
  • Media Files are Mapped with NFS Shares (Movies / Series)

I’ve got several Issues while running that Set-Up

  1. SSA Subtitles won’t show up (Embedded in mkv Files)
  2. Some AVI Files won’t play (No detailed Error message it just says File cannot be played)
  3. After some watching it starts buffering for like 2minutes then plays 3 seconds and back to Buffering. This is only fixable through reboot.

Anyone got an Idea on how to fix that or what I am missing?

All I did was install osmc and Kodi with latest release and map the nfs share with the Files on it, did I miss a step?

I’m thankfull for every piece of help

Kind Regards

Will be fixed in the next update for now you can follow Subtitle problem with MKV - #19 by sam_nazarko

Need logs for the other issues

Thanks for your fast Answer, I’ll have to wait then.

I will try to upload logs if I find out how to do it.

You can fix the subtitles now by running the suggested fix in that thread


Hi Schputim,

Instructions for providing logs can be found here.

Logs should tell us, why they are not playing,

When you say nfs shares are mapped is this with fstab (kernal-mount) or just adding an nfs share via kodi (software mount)? mounting via fstab would be better.

Also have you considered kodi’s video cache

reccomended settings for pi3:


Thanks Tom.

Are you using the on board wifi?
Check connection with wavemon and iperf.

Hi Tom

Thanks for your Reply. I reinstalled my RasPi and tried to check for the Error with Debug Logging enabled. Seems like the “not Play” Error got fixed through the reinstall.

The NFS Shares are mounted with Kodi (no fstab magics). Do you have a guide for the fstab mounting? I could try that.

I will read that Article of Video Cache too, thanks for your tipps. do I have to set that settings in the Pi-Settings menu?

Also I’m using the on Board WiFi

Hi Schputim,, the 2nd half of the page talks about fstab on client device,

I normally update advancedsettings.xml via nano with ssh or upload a replacement via sftp.

Thanks Tom,