VDR integration

VDR is a great piece of software with many features - and other kodi implemenatations offer a VDR in their addons, osmc does not.

There are now VDR packages available from my German fellow Tobi:

E-Tobis OSMC VDR repo

and there is an instruction set how to install VDR from scratch:


But still nobody seems to have a solution for a smooth and easy integration into osmc - or just point me to the right page…
If not - I’ll be happy to do the testing…


Well to be honest I am not sure which part (client or server) you are refering to. But as you write “addons” I assume you mean client.
OSMC has the VDR client addon since day one (see screenshot).

Actually, I’m talking about the server.

I learned that osmc does provide a VDR (video disk recorder) as an addon.
I cannot find it amongst addons. Which is the path to find and install it?


Ok, I learned that I’m looking for VDR server, which seems not to be a part of osmc

You will need to install it manually

OSMC is a full Debian system so you can either install via apt or build it from source


Which as Sam wrote you can install as on any other Debian system.
But as you have tvheadend in the App Store question remains why you are eager on VDR

I just corrected my instructions at [HowTo]: install vdr and vnsiserver to watch live-tv and it should build and work now after a reboot, if your TV-Stick is correctly installed and recognized.

After a little experience one could say:

  • (When compiled once, )VDR is much easier to set up - most things are done automatically
  • VDR has a very useful cutting and editing feature (which does not work at the moment when just compiled into osmc)
  • TVHeadend’s EPG feature is stunningly fast - but overall VDR’s seems to be slightly more sophisticated (this impression may come from my lack of experience with TVHeadend)
  • VDR preserves much more info about the recording in its info file, which can be quite useful
  • Not sure whether all of VDR’s plugins are available for TVHeadend as well (missed an android app called “VDRmanager” to use a smartphone as a very sophisticated remote control)

In general, it’s always good to have more choices - and if available with ease, I’m quite certain that VDR would find a number of friends in the osmc environment as well.