Vero 2 Blank Video Playback after April Update

Was working fine till update. Now playback starts with blank screen. Have to restart a few times to get video. Weird. Am I the only one?

Hi Wayne,

Please provide debug logs, details can be found here

Thanks Tom.

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Please provide a log.

Absolute guesswork, but maybe:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y vero2-image-3.10.104-15-osmc

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks Sam but no. I actually reinstalled and restored also prior to attempting so there was no update to apply. I will debug later. Videos will play but sometimes take a few start and stops to see picture. Cheers

Not sure how you mean that. Because if you restored you would have done so from the March Image which would mean the April Update should be still there.

Yesterday I reinstalled from SD, ran the update to latest April version from OSMC App in kodi then restored from Backup. Issue still occurring. I will debug later. Just want to watch some shows and relax at present :slight_smile:


Can you try run the commands suggested above and let me know if it helps?


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Hi Sam,
I’m facing the same problem. I did what you’re suggesting but the problem is still there. I uploaded the complete logs of my system with myOSMC.

Can you provide the link to the logs?

Sorry, I forgot it.

is there a way to switch back to the last version?

Yes – it’s available on the website, but I would prefer to fix this


sure, i just wanted to have a working version in the meantime. also i wanted to avoid a reinstall with a new image from the website since i have lots of configuration not only in kodi but also in the os. is it possible to go to a different version with the “apt-get update” command?

Downgrading via the command line isn’t trivial. You can backup and restore via My OSMC, but this won’t cover all OS changes you’ve made.

I’ll produce some test builds for you tomorrow that should remedy things. I was surprised the kernel downgrade didn’t remedy things; so it will take a little bit more digging.


Thanks Sam for looking into this. I did try to to a debug to send you however each time I put the log file up it was empty. Not sure why but glad you are on top of the issue. Its a new strange one! Hope all is well with you. cheers Wayne

ok, thx a lot!