Vero 2 Problems

Hi, I received my Vero 2 yesterday and it’s awesome, but there are two problems I noticed:

Distorted Image and weird noise

In this video you can see that the image is distorted vertically and the TV outputs a really weird noise. It happened twice since yesterday (but I can’t reproduce it). You have to unplug the power cord to shut Vero 2 down, since it’s absolutely unresponsive (no network, no remote, etc) - after a reboot, everything is working fine.

The other problem I noticed: CEC stops working after a while on my tv (Sony Bravia KDL46HX759). It works after a reboot but suddenly stops working after a few minutes. Had no problem with OSMC on my Raspberry Pi 2 and CEC.


Thanks for reaching out on Twitter about this problem.

Okay – what was the last thing you were doing with Vero when this happens?

A good log will also help.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see for advice on how to help us.

We’re taking care of that and should have some improvements shortly



The first time (Monday) I plugged in my Logitech Keyboard and tried to edit a movie title in my library. Shortly after pluggin in the keyboard-dongle, the whole system froze like you can see in the video.
The second time this happened (yesterday) I was browsing the TV shows library (with the OSMC remote) while the library was updating. That’s when I recorded the video.

I just uploaded my logs (don’t know if it’s too late): uploaded logs

Next time I’ll encounter this problem, I’ll uploaded the logs immediately.

When this problem occurs, the whole system freezes and you have to unplug it to power it off. Network and Remotes aren’t working.

Just had the problem again. Vero 2 froze while updating the Kodi Library (Image vertically distorted and weird humming noise). Here are the logs: Vero 2 Logs


I’m investigating this issue and should have an update to this problem shortly


Thanks, Sam! I really appreciate the hard work, you and your team put into OSMC and Vero. :slightly_smiling:

And another crash (this time: no sound and no distorted picture) while browsing the library, hope those logs are helping: Vero 2 Logs

Edit: Had to unplug Vero 2 and the following boot stopped with lots of errors. After another boot, everything’s running fine.

Edit2: Here’s another set of logs, Vero 2 just crashed again with distorted image and noise while doing nothing. Logs

After the latest crash today (while updating my library), it won’t boot anymore. Stays at the OSMC boot logo forever. I’ll try to reinstall everything.

Pretty sure we have this one worked out:


Thanks, Sam! Just wanted to say that since reinstalling Vero 2 yesterday, there were no issues. I’ll keep you postet if anything happens.