Vero 4k and Harmony Elite

I’ve followed all the guides and posts on here and appear to have my harmony elite connected via IR, it works with the door open on my media unit. Instead I want it to work with the door closed but can’t work out what I’m doing wrong.

The remote that came with the vero 4k works with the door closed and the dongle plugged in but I can’t get the Harmony elite to work.

I have the remote connected via bluetooth as a keyboard and the harmony app confirms they’re connected, I have the osmc-remote-lirdc profile selected.

What am I missing to get the Harmony remote to work with the door closed?


Have you tried @Smurphy’s instructions here?

yes and the harmony remote does work with the door open but not with the door closed, which makes me think it’s defaulting to IR. I’m using the IR extender that came with the vero and it works but isn’t ideal.

Normally the Harmony should ONLY be controlling the Vero 4k via Bluetooth. Which is a lot more responsive (as responsive as the OSMC RF remote)…

What comes to my mind is that this can only be a wrong setup of your Harmony. I set mine up as a Windows PC in the Harmony setup and then connected it to the Vero via Bluetooth. That way it wouldn’t try to choose IR. After connecting it, I used the keymap editor addon to match the Harmony remote buttons to the actions I wanted in OSMC.
Connecting it this way you also don’t have to choose any LIRC profile under MyOSMC/remotes as it’ll only pass commands to the Vero via Bluetooth.

This has been working for me ever since.

Just looked at the guide in detail and actually that appears to be using IR, hence the need to select an LIRC profile.

I’m not sure about BT setup as I don’t have that remote but I believe it’s been explained further down in that thread.


that’s worked perfect, thank you :smiley:

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Great! Glad that I could help with this.

If this solved it for you, please mark the thread as solved so that others with a similar issue might find this helpful… :slightly_smiling_face:

Bluetoooth is actually the way to go. It’s much more responsive then the IR profile. In the harmony app you choose the device as Microsoft and model Kodi. After you add it you then try to use the device in the app and it will tell you it needs Bluetooth. You then go to my osmc and then to the Bluetooth settings and ask it to search. Wait for the harmony keyboard to show up. It will take 20-30 seconds. Choose it and you are good to go. The lirc profile had a lag when I tried it.

I see, just watched Keymap Editor - Map Your Remote Buttons in Kodi - YouTube which is a simple guide to the keymap.

So I guess you need to first assign commands from the Windows PC device profile to every button you want to use on the Harmony Activity, then use the keymap editor to map those activity buttons to kodi commands.

Yep, exactly right :+1:t2:

I haven’t got around to setting up the Windows PC yet, I intend to do it at the weekend.

Was just thinking, once you have added the Windows PC and paired it to the Vero, could you not just assign the Windows PC commands to activity buttons using this as a reference ? ie without using keymap editor?

e.g. Assign Windows PC “P” command to play button on activity and so on

I’ve just tried adding Windows PC, no such thing, Microsoft Kodi worked and shows up as a Harmony Keyboard bluetooth device on Vero 4K.

No need for keymap editor, just assign any extra keys to buttons, eg O for codecinfo

Any chance you could show us which files you edited? Example please :slight_smile:

No need to edit any files. Just add Harmony Keyboard as the device.

One thing to be aware of that I’ve noticed recently. If my remote battery goes dead then when I go to the Movies activity the Harmony asks me to re-pair. Ignore it, just go into Devices > Vero and hit a few keys, then go back to the activity and it will be paired!

Harmony Keyboard ? Where that?

Sorry, add Microsoft Kodi as the device, but it shows up as Harmony Keyboard on the Vero

This I did already.
I tried remapping the Info and Menu button on the harmony, so that the Info button provides me the “Info” view on the selected media, but it does not work. No idea why.
On the lircd I handled things through the lircd-file.

I’ll double-check tonight, but I think I just mapped the button to the letter I

See: Keyboard controls - Official Kodi Wiki

Did you sort this out? Mine is mapped to Info, and C for menu

Didn’t have time :frowning: Work is hell at the moment.