Vero 4k and pure vpn

Hello all. I am reading in to this forum and still have a problem with installing pure vpn. There is instruction about open vpn and rasp pi. Since I am rather new with Vero 4k and OSMC it is hard to know if the installation guide for Open VPN and Rasp PI works on my Vero 4k. So I have the following questions and hope you can help me.

First : Can I install pure vpn using Open VPN
Second: Can the installation procedure written here for Open VPN on PI used for OSMC Debion Vero 4k ?
Third: Is there a noob manual to install this on my Vero 4K.

Please help me , since I am a beginner and reallly enjoy the Vero 4k



You don’t need to install the branded VPN client that your provider supplies. You can just follow the generic OpenVPN instructions.

thank you, but they are written for PI mostly. Since OMSC is running on Debian.
Can I use this link

Or would another link be more appropriate.

The instructions there aren’t very good; as they suggest installing extra packages such as NetworkManager. I recommend these instructions: [HOWTO] OSMC/Rasp Pi as OpenVPN client

I try to understand the former, but to be honest it is hard to follow, since it is rather unstructured. Is there a how to install open vpn on OSMC Debian. ?

Well there are many good explainations in that thread.
One explaination that is good for the base setup is

I am sorry but this is really hard to follow for a noob like me. Also because there are no breaks in the whole line.
what line should i enter first ? And what is second ?

Did you click on “[HOWTO] OSMC/Rasp Pi as OpenVPN client” to open the post? It is very clearly structured. Just within my post (where I cross referenced it) it is shown without line breaks.

Just install the VPN manager add-on here

It supports purevpn.

Just enter your VPN details and it does the rest

Thank you., I will try this. Does this work wiht OSMC and Vero 4K ?

It will work on any OSMC devices; the underlying OS is the same across all devices.

Thank you, I will definitly try it. So do not need to use Putty ? just install and go

I doubt that the addon will install openvpn, you still would need to do that manually as well as psmisc as explained on that webpage.