Vero 4k - First Impressions

Thanks for your review, it’s very thorough. I thought I would cover some of your comments.

If there any issues with the quality please show a photo and we’ll take care of it of course.

Is this old Raspberry Pi running Kodi Jarvis? I think I read that Avahi broadcasting has been removed from Kodi Krypton, which would explain why the Kodi remote for iPhone can’t automagically find Vero 4K.

Bluetooth audio streaming is still experiemental, and must be manually installed for it to work. It is maturing however and we hope to have it running on Vero 4K in a few weeks.

This has already been fixed, but your device likely didn’t have the latest software when you received it.

This is a Kodi bug that will be fixed in the OSMC March update. Your settings may very well disappear again, but after we release this update changes you make will be persistent.