[Vero 4k+] How to I wake the device from suspend?

I have a new Vero 4k+. I updated it to Kodi 18. When I click Power then Suspend the device goes to sleep and the LED changes to red. How do I wake the device? I don’t see any buttons on the box and none of the remote control buttons wake it.

Normally any click on either the OSMC or the TV remote (CEC) should wake the Vero.
If that doesn’t happen to you, you would need to login via SSH to see why it is not happening.

Hi Ken — are you definitely selecting Suspend and not Shut Down?


Possibly I did select shutdown. I unplugged and replugged it back in and now suspend wakes on the press of a remote control button. Thanks

Two other quick questions related to suspend:

  1. Sometimes when I click Power->Suspend in Kodi the screen flashes blank and then it immediately wakes again. I have to Suspend a second time. Any idea why the first attempt to suspend often fails?
  2. While suspended I can still log in via SSH. Is that expected behaviour?


Red LED means suspend or shutdown or both?

  1. Know issue beeing worked on
  2. Yes you can ssh in to the device while suspended
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This should now be fixed in the staging repository and will be released as a stable update on Sunday.

If I were curious to see the details of the issue and the fix - do you maintain a bug ticket system I can refer to?

What is the purpose of “suspend” if you can still log in to the device and kodi is still running in the background?

My device currently has a red light (so I believe that means it is in suspend mode) but when I ssh into the box and run top I have a high workload value and kodi running with high cpu usage:

This is internally – but there was a forum post about this where we were very transparent with things.

We won’t make this update available for another day or two yet as we’re ironing out a couple of other bugs.

To reduce heat and power consumption

This is because we underclock the unit; so the workload has increased in proportion to the available resources.

After some consensus, users want to suspend but keep network and system online for background services,

Hope this clears things up.

Hi Sam,

Just to be clear - you underclock the system in suspend mode only - or in normal and suspend mode?


Only in suspend mode. That is the reason why CPU % increase (visually in monitoring) during suspend mode while actually the power consumption drops.

Ah - I wonder if this is related to my issue in this thread (SickChill on Vero 4k+) on slow performance. Perhaps my box was in low-power suspend mode.

How can I check from the command line whether the device is in suspend mode? How can I activate/deactivate suspend mode from the command line?

To check status you can do
cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor

For changing the governor either press any key or see this thread

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