Vero 4k Https Http connection broken

After the latest kodi / osmc update is Http Https Ftp Ftp connection to my seedbox broken? I can connect to the box from a laptop running Kodi therefore I know the seedbox is not down …

Can you try with another HTTP/HTTPS source to rule out a connectivity problem?

Yes but the only https source I have and when I can access this https source from a laptop that runs kodi 18.1 then I know that source works.

This is also a problem on my little brother’s Vero4k box :slight_smile:

If you press the “Contex menu” key on the vero 4k remote, you also usually get a box where you can select “Edit soruce” to edit a previously added source - But that button also has no function on the remote anymore. After update.

Not very smart that Osmc / Kodi shows password for your seedbox in clear text when uploading log files please remove this log: (mod edit)

I removed the link as if it contains sensitive information then posting a public link to it is counter intuitive.

The reason why it is showing in your case is because you included credentials as part of your source. If you change that to just the url being part of the source and the credentals getting inserted with passwords.xml, as would be typical, then the credentials would be masked.

Okay thank you - But now sam need to remove it.

Check with HTTP first – I’d be surprised if that didn’t work.


This looks like the problem:

A lot of stuff on the Internet is currently broken on account of a Sectigo root certificate expiring at 10:48:38 UTC today [30 May 2020].

More info:


Workaround for now:

sudo vi /etc/ca-certificates.conf

Insert ! or # at the beginning of the following line


Save the file with

sudo update-ca-certificates --fresh

Connections to affected services should be restored.

Edit: Just saw the solution is also provided in the article linked by dillthedog above. Well consider this a confirmation that this works on Vero4k.

Connecting to my seedbox working again - Thanks for the reply.

@ch.publc Also worked for my RPi 2b - thanks.

how do i use this on a mac?
don’t know how to save the file


I would not suggest updating to this version unless you know what you are doing.