Vero 4K replacement PSU

Hi All,
I’ve been a long term user of the Vero 4K. Infact I bought two along with extra items just to support the project. Anyway, to cut to the chase. One of my Vero 4Ks has the red flickery light. Swapping the power supply fixes the issue. Hence I presume one of my power supplies is defunct. Is there an option to purchase a replacement from yourselves or should I look elsewhere? If so any recommendations?


From the symptoms it is very likely that your power supply is faulty/the voltage is too low.

Some time agao @sam_nazarko provided some links how to order them within the osmc shop, see his post

Other way would be to get one somewhere else, specification: DC 5V, min. 2A, center positive, coaxial power connector male with OD 5.5mm and ID 2.1mm

Thank you. I did look at the store as my first preference would have been to support Sam; however, it appears that it is not available on there anymore. I have used the specs you’ve provided me with to source one from Amazon instead. I will feed back make and model if it works.

They are still on the store - the links just weren’t publicly listed. You could try again.


Hi Sam, I used the link above, click on uk and it just says my cart is empty, I go to the store page and the only power supply I can see is for the RaspberryPI.

There was issue with the links missing https I fixed them and post here again for you.

Thank you, I have placed my order :slight_smile:

PSU arrived and now everything is working again. Once again, many thanks.